I live in Austin Tx, I’m a photojournalist and a commercial Photographer. I travel and try to find trouble as much as I can to be sure I get the most out of life.

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Where I Come From

My kid self was forced to attend a funeral by my parents. I had no clue who this person really was, all I knew was I was missing my Saturday cartoons. All my of fathers side of the family was upset and crying. My dad had lost his grandfather who I maybe have met twice. All I remember was he wanted to karate chop me and smelt a little funny.

After the funeral there was a reception that a family member had put together a slideshow of all of my great grandfathers photos from when he was young all the way to his death. Simon & Garfunkel – Cecilia & and The Beatles – Blackbird played over these photos.

Something with the music and the old photos that had been scanned together made me feel something that I was not expecting to feel that day. My eyes started to water, I looked to my left and right and everyone else in the room started to do the same. Right then and there I started to find out who my great grandfather really was. He was strong, handsome, fun, crazy, an honest man. With that slideshow I could tell he was a strong figure in the family and loved by everyone. I was happy and sad and also so confused.

This feeling stuck with me for the remainder of the day.

I went home and gathered all of the family photos and safeguarded them in hopes that one day someone will remember me that way.

That following day I took my parents camera and never game it back.

Mission Statement

My mission is to document as much as possible, work together and collaborate to create work that will last a lifetime.